Race Night Friday 23rd Feburary 2007 – Dublin.

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FDFC striker Bryan Moore is helping the Ireland team with their fundrasing event. For some of you who know and for those who don't, Bryan represents Ireland for Football and shall be taking this opportunity to do his bit for Ireland before the Games commence. This requires minimum fuss and minimum travelling.

Any contribution to the Ireland team will be greatly appreciated. Please take a moment of your time to read this.

Dear sponsors,

The Irish Deaf Sports Association will be sending their Deaf International Football team to participate in the European Deaf Football Championships on the 10th — 23rd June 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal. The European Deaf Football Championships will be held under the auspices of the European Deaf Sports Organisation under the auspices of the UEFA. It is an elite competition for all deaf footballers across Europe.


We are planning to send a panel of 18—22 players of the Ireland Deaf Football

Team. The IDSA is regretfully unable to fully fund the trip since it is an umbrella association for all sports in Ireland. The total cost of sending a footballer to the European Deaf Football Championships is
1400 (£920) per person and that includes accommodation, flights, meals, water and transport etc in Lisbon.

undefinedYou can buy any number of horse each for

or however if you wish to advertise your business logo on the race night book, then select either options. (Please contact Bryan Moore — 07736286475)

undefinedOption 1 — Full page =

— £150

Option 2 — Half page =
— £75

Rules of the Game

10 Races

10 Horses per race

Each named horse will be given a randomly selected number with any of the 10 races .If your number matches the number of the horse that actually wins on the real live race on TV then you are a winner! The more horses u buy, the greater chance of claiming your prizes.

May the Luck of the Irish favour you.

Bryan Moore

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