Immediately after the whistle went to start the match, Fulham Deaf went on the attack with two glorious chances wasted by Richard Jeffers when on a one-to-one against Spartak Molesey's goal keeper in the first seven minutes. Alas, there was no hesitation from Jeffers when he was invited to slot the ball into the net

Fulham Deaf marches into quarter finals

Saturday, 08 November 2003 by

GB Deaf played in a double header against Holland last weekend and won 4 – 1 and 3 – 0 with Bim Ajadi, Nick Beese, Andrew Drury, Mark Gill, and Richard Parker representing GB. Ajadi was injured and Gill was placed on standby but nevertheless it was a proud moment for Fulham Deaf remarked Christof

Fulham Deaf robbed of victory

Saturday, 25 October 2003 by

Teddington away from home was a real challenge for Fulham Deaf due to the low number of goals conceded by the hosts and an impressive start to their season with a single narrow defeat to show for it. The match started brightly with Teddington gaining the upper hand especially with their number 7 controlling the

Fulham Deaf FC entered new territory with their first ever cup match in the Kingston & District Football League Teck Intermediate Cup, first round match against NPL Reserves. On paper, what with Fulham Deaf FC being placed on top of Division 2 and NPL Reserves placed bottom of Division 3, this was viewed to be

With a 100% record and placed on top of the league, Fulham were pitched in battle against Kingston Albion who was placed second in the league with seven points compared to Fulham's nine. It was a mouth-watering top of the league battle ahead for both sides. Fulham started well with some neat passes and long

Against Maori Park Reserves, Fulham Deaf FC started badly with poor defending which let the Maori striker break through to lob the ball over goal keeper Richard Parker to put Fulham Deaf FC 0 – 1 down after only 5 minutes. Fulham Deaf FC reshaped and battled hard to get onto even terms and created